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Eight places to find stylish wide width shoes

fashionShirin Zakerion

I've had to turn shoe shopping into a fun hobby or I'd never do it. Thanks to my extra wide feet. I grew up struggling to find shoes that fit my feet and wouldn't leave me in pain. My two-year-old son has now inherited this fun trait. The poor kid would cry and point at his feet before he could even speak. Discovering his foot pain took me far too long to realize. Proud Mom moment. Crocs & New Balance have been our savior with his little (big) feet. I digress.

I wish I could design wide width shoes. My sister and I often joke about starting our own wide width shoe company. Never say, never! We've done crazier things in life. While I let that dream simmer, I've compiled my list of favorite spots to check for wide width shoes. I also linked some shoes I'm loving at the moment. By the way, most of these stores are super affordable. Don't forget to check RetailMeNot for coupons or join their branded loyalty clubs for points toward future purchases! 

  1. Torrid 

  2. Lane Bryant 

  3. Nordstrom

  4. Nordstrom Rack  

  5. Avenue 

  6. DSW

  7. Cato 

  8. Hush Puppies

  9. ASOS (This is a new addition to the list!)

  10. Charlotte Russe (This is a new addition to the list!)